Address: 11 Sans Souci Road, Parktown, 2193
Telephone: 011 726 6220 / 1
Gender: Co-educational
Teaching language: English, German or English/German
Curriculum: German and South African (IEB)
Ages: 1 to 18


The Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg (DSJ), founded in 1890, is one of the oldest schools in Johannesburg and is recognised as one of the world's best German schools outside of Germany. Non-German speakers can join the school at kindergarten level, and primary school offers both German and English streams. In secondary school children can choose between an English stream, a German stream or a combined stream.

What the school says

“The Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg offers young people superior and steadfast preparation for the complex challenges of our global world. In many respects school at DSJ resembles school in Germany. There are, however, rules and aspects that differ from those of schools in Germany that are explained by the fact that the DSJ seeks to synthesise the German and South African school systems.”


The school has a bilingual education programme and offers both the South African IEB National Senior Certificate and the German International Abitur in Grade 12.


Fees for the 2020 academic year range from 66,000 ZAR for Nursery up to 83,580 ZAR a year in Grade 12. The fees are payable before the start of each of the four school terms in equal instalments, or in monthly instalments. A discount is applied for fees paid in full at the start of the school year.