Students at Obermenzinger

Address: Freseniusstr. 47, 81247 München


Telephone: +49 89 891 2440

Gender: Co-educational

Language: German and English

Curriculum: Bavarian

Ages: 10 to 19


The Obermenzinger Gymnasium aims to provide a holistic education in a family atmosphere. Equal emphasis is placed on academic learning, sports and cultural activities. In September 2013, the school started offering bilingual education to English speakers.

What the school says

The Obermenzinger Gymnasium is a small secondary school nicely located in a residential area where each child is treated as an individual and supported according to its needs. Students who are looking for a friendly and caring environment are always welcome and can generally start at any point during the school year.


The school follows the Bavarian curriculum, leads to the Abitur and promotes and fosters the German language. Languages and economics are the school's main faculties. Up to Grade 9 there is a subject teacher and teaching assistant in the classroom. Bilingual classes are assisted by a native speaker who works as a language assistant and team teacher. He or she supports the students during lessons, breaks and the lunch hour at school.


Fees for the school year are 770 EUR per month, and there is an application fee of 1200 EUR. Full or partial scholarship is possible in reasonable cases.

30% of the school fees can be claimed as a deductible expense on your German tax return (subject to changes in current tax law).

From the head teacher

"Knowledge of German terminology is achieved by having subjects alternate between German and English on a yearly basis. The subjects will vary throughout the different grades to guarantee that the subject vocabulary is learned in English as well as in German."