There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move a little easier.

While relocating to Dubai can be a wonderful experience full of pleasant surprises and exciting times, it can also present many challenges and obstacles, so it can be wise to engage the services of a relocation company. A good relocation company like Helpxpat, with its local knowledge and expert… Read more
Buying property in Dubai is a fairly easy, if paperwork-heavy, process. With the rising cost of rent in Dubai and a healthy property market that looks set to continue growing, buying property is undoubtedly attractive prospect for expats living in Dubai. The purpose behind a purchase Before… Read more
Are you an expat in Dubai, looking to boost your retirement benefits at the same time as reducing your tax liabilities? QNUPS could be the answer. Did you know that even though you are a UK expat, you could still be UK-domiciled, and if so, that means you remain subject to UK Inheritance Tax (IHT… Read more
Originally from South Africa, Schalk moved to Bahrain in 2011 and then to Dubai in 2015. He shares some of his views on the great quality of life, excellent entertainment, superb healthcare and ample opportunities for adventure in the emirate, and why he and his wife are so happy to call Dubai home… Read more
Many expats moving to the United Arab Emirates report that relocation firms help ease the transition and can assist in many ways. Some may prefer to go it alone, but they must be prepared to do the research. Here is our interview with Mr Abhilash Nair from ISS Relocations, who has been working in… Read more
Dubai’s real estate has grown significantly, especially in comparison to how it was 10 years ago. One major difference that stands out is the formation of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) by Dubai Land’s Department. RERA – after being formed at the peak time of Dubai’s real estate in July… Read more
Cormandré is a South African expat. She moved to Dubai in 2015 and hasn't regretted it once. She currently works as a teacher, and also recently got married.  Read more about expat life in Dubai in our Expat Arrivals Dubai city guide. About Cormandré Q: Where are you originally from? A… Read more
Mariëtte is a South African teacher who decided to take her career further abroad. After working in South Africa for a few years, she decided to spread her wings and move to the United Arab Emirates. She's been living in Dubai since 2016 now, and thinks this is a great city for any expat. Read… Read more
Dr Rash Bassim of the Priory Wellbeing Centre Dubai explains how and why many expats suffer from depression. Are you living in one of the most glamorous cities in the world with lots of people passing by every day in the street, metro stations, malls, cafés, beaches,… Read more
After visiting many times, Laura decided to make the move from England to move to Dubai. She started her blog, Laura Lou Travels, to document her new life in Dubai. Here she chats about the ups and downs of being a British expat in Dubai. About Laura Q: Where are you originally from? A… Read more
Moving overseas with children is a major challenge. Considering the best options for a child's education is a huge concern for expat parents. Is it always best to take your child with you? Or sometimes could leaving them behind at boarding school be a viable option? Expat Arrivals talks to Mr… Read more
Sergey is a Russian expat living in Dubai. In search of an opportunity to live and work in a different culture, he moved to the emirate in 2011 to take up a position in an international marketing company. Despite the challenges of the extreme heat, Sergey, his wife and young son have made the most… Read more
Clare Bugden is a South African expat living in Dubai. She works in the travel industry and moved to the emirate to pursue a new job. Clare enjoys the quality of life in Dubai and the fact that the emirate is so central makes it a great place to be for exploring the world. To find out more about… Read more
Marianne Makdisi, originally from the UK moved to Dubai four years ago with her husband and two children. Despite the extreme climate and chaotic road traffic, Marianne is enjoying her life as expat by embracing all that Dubai has to offer. Marianne is a freelance writer and editor and you can read… Read more
Mrs Dubai is a seasoned expat in the UAE, having lived in Dubai for the past 14 years. Originally from the UK, she came to the emirate with her husband in search of a better quality of life. They certainly found it here, and she enjoys the sunshine and outdoor lifestyle. Read more about her life as… Read more
Emily Crutcher is a southern belle sounding off in hot and humid Dubai. She joined the ranks of the up and coming, young professionals who relocated to Dubai to experience a more cosmopolitan lifestyle and to find out if expat life in the Middle East is all it's chalked up to be.… Read more
Seabee writes a blog called Life in Dubai which is mostly a look at the things that happen around the city, the frustrations expats face, the good, the bad and the funny things they are likely to encounter. It's a view from the street, one person's record of daily life in the city during a historic… Read more