With a long history of sea-trade, expats shipping to Bahrain have plenty of service providers to choose from. Bahrain's main port is Khalifa Bin Salman Port. In addition to shipping by sea, expats also have the option to ship their possessions via air freight; this method is generally more expensive but considerably quicker. Shipping companies will often provide quotes for free, so expats should take the time to consult a number of different organisations and find out which can offer the best price and the best service.

Expats will also want to think carefully when deciding on the household goods they'd like to bring across. Shipping can quickly become expensive, and Bahrain has an assortment of furniture shops. Expats should also consider the fact that it's perfectly possible to find stylishly furnished accommodation in the country.

Generally speaking, no customs duty is imposed on those bringing personal goods into Bahrain as long as they have been in use for three months or more and are brought into the Kingdom within six months of the expat's move. This does not apply to vehicles, and expats will therefore have to pay customs duties if they want to bring their car into Bahrain. 

Shipping pets to Bahrain

Expats who wish to bring their furry friends across the border to Bahrain will need to apply for an import permit. Pets must be microchipped, vaccinated and must have a recent health certificate from a licensed vet.

Depending on the incidence of rabies in the pet's country of origin, they may also need to be tested and certified as free of rabies.