Factors shaping an expat’s decision on which neighbourhood of Reading to live in are likely to include proximity to work and good schools, transport links, the demographic mix of residents, and the types and prices of property available. 

Below are some of Reading’s most popular areas.

Neighbourhoods in Reading


North of Reading’s city centre and close to the Thames, Caversham is a popular area and home to an excellent shopping centre and a number of good restaurants. But property prices can be quite high, especially around Caversham Heights.

West Reading

This vibrant area is very popular among renters and first-time buyers. Properties in this part of Reading are mainly Victorian terraces, some of which have been tastefully converted to modern standards. This is probably the most multi-cultural part of the city and is full of ethnic shops and eateries. Transport links into the town centre are also good. 


Just two miles (3km) from the centre of Reading and close to the town’s university, this neighbourhood still retains much of its old village feel and has plenty of green spaces as well as a lake. It’s also well serviced by bus and rail links, although the major downside of living here is the high price of rental properties.


This family-friendly part of Reading boasts larger houses with gardens and open green spaces, as well as a number of newer residential developments. Woodley has a good shopping centre and it’s home to a handful of good state-funded schools.