Set against a backdrop of mountains and hills, Barcelona is 125 miles (200km) south of France and located on the Costa Dorado between the Llobregat and Besòs river mouths.

Expats moving to Barcelona will find themselves in one of the most picturesque and charming destinations in Europe. The city is world-renowned for its architectural beauty, its cultural character and its seamless blending of tradition with innovation.

Living in Barcelona as an expat

Aside from its architectural and cultural charms, the city is characterised by a pulsating social scene and sprawling, eclectic neighbourhoods that sprawl alongside the sparkling Mediterranean. 

While Barcelona has a thriving economy, salaries tend to be lower than in other major European cities. That said, the tourism industry generally pays rather well and employs many expats but, due to the pandemic and border closures, it has taken a knock. Other major industries where expats may be able to find work are manufacturing and tech. 

Accommodation is usually an expat’s biggest expense but, as prices have continued to drop since the outbreak of coronavirus, Barcelona is currently a highly popular city for property investments. The process of finding a home to rent is cut-throat, as people scramble to secure property close to transport hubs, schools and shops.  

Cost of living in Barcelona 

The cost of living in Barcelona is relatively low compared to cities such as New York and London, and even Madrid is more expensive to live in. That said, as salaries in Barcelona are lower than in these cities, it can seem rather expensive to people who live here. 

That said, everyday expenses such as utilities, transport and groceries are not expensive in Barcelona, and the major costs for expats will rather be things such as rent and international schools. 

Expat families and children

With plenty of activities available for children in the city, expat parents will have no trouble entertaining their little ones. Parks abound in Barcelona, and there are also gorgeous spots for day trips or weekend getaways with the family not far from the city. Spain's extensive rail network also allows for easy travel around the country with the whole family. 

There are plenty of high-quality Spanish instruction schools, as well as international schools in Barcelona. For parents with young children, it may be recommended to send them to a Spanish school to assist them in immersing into the language and culture. 

Climate in Barcelona

Barcelona is blessed with hot summers and mild winters, making the weather ideal for most of the year. Expats will never find themselves weather-bound, but will be able to entertain themselves outdoors all year.

New arrivals who have emigrated for pleasure or those who have been lucky enough to secure a job beforehand will find no better place to explore. As a city that is shaped by Catalonian heritage, expats who make an effort to learn the language and immerse themselves in the culture will find it hard to ever leave Barcelona.