Although far from home, new arrivals will soon find that keeping in touch in Romania and staying connected with loved ones abroad is relatively hassle free.
Expats living in Romania can expect access to all of the amenities of modern communication. Signing up for cellular subscriptions is easy and there is a range of service providers that offer internet packages.
Those who prefer more traditional forms of communication will find that the Romanian postal service, although slow-moving, is highly dependable. 

Mobile phones in Romania

Aside from RCS & RDS, the largest mobile providers in the country are Telekom Romania, Orange and Vodafone. Customers are able to access a range of services through these operators, including 3G and 4G coverage.

Stores are widely distributed and expats will have access to both prepaid and contract options. Expat customers may be asked to provide documentation proving their identity, place of residence and financial status.

Internet in Romania

As the industry is highly competitive, accessing the internet and connecting to a broadband service provider in Romania is cheap and easy. Expats can enjoy some of the highest connection speeds in the world, and subscribers can negotiate a connection package that suits their budget and needs.

Some of the main providers include RCS & RDS, Telekom Romania, Skynet, Ines Telecom, GTS Telecom and UPC Romania. Service provider contract prices differ depending on the area, cable speeds and type of internet access (such as wireless, ADSL or fibre lines).

Postal services in Romania

The Romanian postal service (Poșta Română) is usually reliable but tends to be slow. Expats in areas outside of Bucharest can expect even slower postage times. Express services are available, but they tend to be less efficient than Western expats might be used to.