Expats considering a move to Romania will naturally have many concerns about life in this culturally rich country.

From transport concerns to queries about the expat community, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about expat life in Romania.

Is there a sizable expat community in Romania?

While Romania is not the most popular expat destination, there are pockets of expats in the larger cities, particularly in Bucharest and Brașov. There are even some expat clubs in Bucharest. The Diplomat Bucharest and Nine o’ Clock are great English news and media sources within the country.

Is Bucharest the only large ‘expat city’ in Romania?

Bucharest is not the only expat city in Romania, but it is the most popular. Many jobs available for expats are situated in Bucharest. Brașov is also a large city, and does have some expats living there, though not as popular as Bucharest.

What is the general attitude toward the Roma people in Romania?

Most Romanians do not like the Roma people. There is a significant amount of racism directed at the Roma, who are generally blamed for any crime or unsavoury occurrences that happen in Romania. Known pejoratively as 'gypsies', the Roma are a sore point with most Romanians and, as such, it is a topic that is best avoided in conversation. 

Will I need to buy a car to get around Romania?

The public transport network in Romania is extensive and generally works well. The road network also extends across the country and is easy to use, but some roads aren't paved, and many of the roads fell into disrepair during the communist era. Owning a car in Romania is tricky, as the maintenance costs are escalated by the state of the roads in many parts of the country. Unless living in an isolated part of the country, it's better not to have a car and to rather make use of public transport.

Is it necessary to have both a work permit and visa to work in Romania? 

To work in Romania, expats will need both a long-term stay visa and a work permit. These are valid for a year, and will need to be renewed at least 30 days before they expire. After living in the country for five years, expats will be able to apply for permanent residency.