With a focus on electronics and technology, Eindhoven has become a popular destination for expats with experience in the tech sector. The city has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and the job market continues to diversify.

The presence of electronics giant Philips has played a major role in Eindhoven’s reputation as a centre of technology, with other large Dutch companies such as ASML and DAF Trucks also calling the city home.

Job market in Eindhoven

Home to numerous tech and design companies, Eindhoven is a haven for those with experience in the IT and electronics fields. Further employment opportunities can be found in manufacturing, human resources, accounting and finance, as well as marketing.

The creative design sector also offers opportunities for those seeking to diversify their experience. Schools and special training institutions related to tech and design have been established in Eindhoven. This appeals to specialist educators looking for work as well as students, and adds to an exciting air of innovation and creativity. The drive for innovation and creativity is reflected in one of Eindhoven's landmarks: the Evoluon. The Evoluon's futuristic design resembling a flying saucer is a symbol of the city, and also stands as a major conference centre.

Eindhoven is also a popular location for start-up companies. Entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business will find a wealth of opportunities and be spoilt for choice thanks to the well-qualified workforce in the city.

Finding a job in Eindhoven

Finding a job in Eindhoven can be tricky as competition is fierce. Expats from outside the EU will need a work permit to work in the Netherlands. A further obstacle is that companies must prove that there is no local or EU national able to fill the role before hiring a foreign employee. 

Although English will be widely spoken and understood in the corporate environment, a working knowledge of Dutch is certainly helpful in landing a job in Eindhoven. That said, jobs at international companies often search for foreign language speakers. Expats who can communicate fluently in languages such as French, German, English and Mandarin, as well as Dutch, may have the upper hand when applying for a post.

Networking is also essential when job hunting in the Netherlands as the Dutch take personal recommendations seriously and are more likely to hire someone through their personal connections.

Recruitment agencies also prove a valuable resource when job hunting, while online job portals such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor offer a good starting point.

Work culture in Eindhoven

It helps to know what to expect in the workplace when moving to Eindhoven for work, whether part of an intra-company job transfer or hired locally. A key thing to remember is punctuality. The Dutch are known to be disciplined workers and stick to a strict agenda. Aside from this, expats commonly admit that adjusting to the Dutch direct communication style took a while when doing business in the Netherlands.

Additionally, organisations in Eindhoven may have distinct hierarchies and expats will know who they will be responsible for and who they must report to. However, work culture is collaborative and group decision making is valued.