There are many exciting annual festivals and celebrations in Milan, and these recurring events contribute to popular traditions and modern celebrations in the city. This diverse selection of events is integral to the fabulous culture and lifestyle in Milan.

Below are some of the main events and festivals in Milan.

Annual events in Milan

Milan Fashion Week (February/March and September/October)

This biannual event turns the metropolis of Milan into a catwalk. Both the autumn-to-winter and the spring-to-summer fashion shows host some of the best designers and upcoming names in the fashion and modelling world. 

Carnevale Ambrosiano (February)

This carnival is a tribute to the city’s patron Saint Ambrose. According to legend, Carnevale happens a few days after Shrove Tuesday (martedì grasso) and has its origins in a wait for the arrival of a saint who was away on a religious pilgrimage at the time. Expats can join in the colourful festivities, listen to the music, watch clowns, jugglers and street parades, and of course snack on local pastries and foods. Carnevale, which takes a different theme each year, is fun for the whole family.

Fiori e Sapori (Mid-April)

Expats headed to Fiori e Sapori (Flowers and Flavours) should prepare their sense of sight and smell for the colours and aromas of springtime. This event boasts bright, colourful arrangements of flowers which can be seen alongside the canal. Expats can take a walk to enjoy the fair and indulge in the flavours by having a pleasant lunch in the warm sun.

Milano Film Festival (September/October)

An annual event since 1996, Milan’s film festival allows a celebration of upcoming filmmakers and artists to screen their productions and tell their stories. Popular amongst film fanatics, critics and everyone in between, anyone can enjoy this cultural event.

Artigiano in Fiera (December)

This Christmas-time fair is dedicated to arts and crafts, allowing international innovative and folkloric arts to be showcased and sold. Expats are sure to find the perfect Christmas gift at this impressive market.