While it may be a relatively small city, expats moving to Wolfsburg with children can rest assured that, as is the case in the rest of Germany, education is taken seriously and there will be a number of good schooling options available.

Public schools in Wolfsburg

Each federal state (lander) in Germany oversees the schooling system in a given area, and so there are likely to be some noticeable differences for those who’ve lived elsewhere in the country. In Lower Saxony, all children attend primary school until the 4th grade (about 10 years old). From there, teachers make recommendations as to the type of school each student should attend.

Hauptschulen or Realschulen tend to be best suited for those looking to pursue a practical apprenticeship after school. Gymnasium provides the academic structure necessary to get the qualifications to pursue a degree level course at university. Gesamtschulen offers mixed-level classes and there are also some opportunities to transfer between types of school depending on how a child progresses through the system.

New arrivals in Wolfsburg will find that schools differ quite markedly it terms of the content of the curricula, teaching language and subject orientation. Therefore, in order to find the school most suitable for their child, parents should do their research and get in touch with city departments to learn more about the options available.

International schools in Wolfsburg

Those relocating to Wolfsburg on a shorter contract may opt to have their child attend an international school. The major advantage here would be that the child is able to continue studying a curriculum that they are familiar with which would likely allow for a smoother transition. A major downside, however, is the notoriously high costs of attending international schools. So expats relocating for work should consider this when negotiating their salary and relocation package.

Being a relatively small city and fairly new expat destination, Wolfsburg has no international schools of its own. However, the Braunschweig International School in a neighbouring town provides a viable option for those looking to study for the International Baccalaureate or IGCSE qualifications.