Expats relocating to Wolfsburg will find that this small city has a surprisingly wide range of accommodation options. Rental properties in Wolfsburg are generally well-priced and well-suited to expats' needs, and the excellent public transport network makes commuting from most of areas and suburbs fairly simple.

Types of accommodation in Wolfsburg

Expats moving to Wolfsburg will find a range of accommodation options available to them. Apartments, condos and houses of different sizes are all available and new arrivals are sure to find something to meet their requirements. Accommodation in Wolfsburg is generally of a high standard, and expats should have access to all the amenities they would expect from any other Western European destination.

The weather in Wolfsburg can get cold in winter, and new arrivals should make sure that any potential home has adequate heating options before signing a lease. Due to its relatively small size, rental property in Wolfsburg is generally far more affordable and spacious than in major cities like Berlin and Frankfurt.

Finding accommodation in Wolfsburg

Expats are unlikely to struggle when searching for accommodation in Wolfsburg. Online property portals are an excellent starting point to give expats a first impression of what will be available within their chosen area and price range. Real estate agencies are also a helpful resource for expats who cannot speak German and will need help navigating rental contracts and processes. However, expect to pay a premium for professional services like these.

Renting property in Wolfsburg

Renting property in Wolfsburg can be a complicated process. In most cases, landlords prefer to meet potential tenants before agreeing to rent them the property. Expats are advised to have their documents in order before viewing a property in order to speed up the rental process.

Most leases in Wolfsburg are for a one-year period and require at least one month’s rent as a deposit. Utilities like internet and electricity are not generally included in the advertised rental cost and may need to be paid for separately so be sure to be clear of the terms and conditions before committing to a contract.