Expats will likely have many questions about life in this bustling German city.
Below are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about Frankfurt:

What is the cost of living in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is the second most expensive city in Germany. Although, when compared to some of the world's most noteworthy cosmopolitan centres, such as London or Paris, Frankfurt offers good value for money and a decent cost of living.

How safe is Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is a relatively safe city and incidents of crime are low. But it is advisable not to walk around in poorly lit areas after dark, especially for women.

What is the closest getaway destination from Frankfurt in the countryside?

Drive out of Frankfurt along the Romantic Road and meander through Bavaria. The German countryside is beautiful and dotted with small towns offering bed and breakfasts for overnight stays. The road officially goes between Würzburg and Füssen before it ends up at King Ludwig's famous crazy castles, and is busiest during the summer.

What is the weather like in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is known for having a temperate continental climate. Summers are warm and mild and are punctuated with the odd rainy day. Winters are bitterly cold, but temperatures are never severe.