An enviable island lifestyle combined with an all-around low cost of living makes Cyprus an appealing destination for expats, particularly those looking to make their pensions from home stretch.

As a whole, the cost of living in Cyprus is comparable to European countries such as Poland, Hungary and Romania. Limassol is generally regarded to be the most expensive city on the island, ranking 156th out of 209 cities worldwide assessed for the 2021 Mercer Cost of Living Survey.

Cost of accommodation in Cyprus

The low cost of rent in Cyprus is one of the main benefits of life on the island. There's a wide range of types of accommodation, leaving expats with plenty of choices when it comes to the size, style and budget bracket of their ideal Cyprus home.

Cost of food in Cyprus

Groceries in Cyprus tend to be cheaper than in the UK, especially when it comes to fruit and meat. Restaurants are generally cheaper as well. If expats opt for smaller, local establishments they will be able to save quite significantly and sample some of the fine cuisine on offer in Cyprus, which is a cosmopolitan blend of Greek, European and Middle Eastern cooking.

Cost of transport in Cyprus

With no rail network in Cyprus, buses are the only viable option for public transport. Though available and fairly inexpensive, they are not always reliable and routes can be limited. Most people on the island opt to own a car or use private taxis.

Cost of living in Cyprus chart

Prices may vary depending on product and service provider. The list below shows average prices for Nicosia in April 2022.

Accommodation (monthly rent)

Three-bedroom apartment in city centre

EUR 980

Three-bedroom apartment outside city centre

EUR 820

One-bedroom apartment in city centre

EUR 570

One-bedroom apartment outside city centre

EUR 470


Dozen eggs


Milk (1 litre)

EUR 1.40

Rice (1kg)

EUR 2.30

Loaf of white bread

EUR 1.50

Chicken breasts (1kg)

EUR 7.50

Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro)


Eating out

Big Mac Meal

EUR 6.10

Coca-Cola (330ml)

EUR 1.30



Bottle of beer (local)


Three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant

EUR 47.50


Mobile call rate (per minute – mobile to mobile)

EUR 0.10

Internet (uncapped ADSL or cable – average per month) 

EUR 30.80

Basic utilities (average per month for standard household)

EUR 137.90


Taxi rate/km   

EUR 1.50

Bus fare in the city centre 

EUR 1.50

Petrol/gasoline (litre)

EUR 1.40