Situated in the heart of Europe, Brussels enjoys a maritime climate accompanied by four distinct seasons, each offering its own charm. Temperatures are typically mild across the calendar, making it a comfortable city to live in year-round. Winter sets in with a gentle chill, with the mercury often hovering around a frosty 34°F (1°C). On the flip side, summers are pleasant and warm, frequently averaging 74°F (23°C), perfect for outdoor activities and park visits under the European sun.

Those looking to make Brussels their new home should consider adding a trusty umbrella to their list of essentials. The city, much like London and Amsterdam, experiences frequent bouts of rainfall, making the umbrella a constant accessory in local life. Residents and visitors alike find overcast skies a familiar sight for a good portion of the year, adding a touch of melancholy to the city's historic architecture and cobblestone streets. Nevertheless, the frequent drizzles do little to dampen the spirit of this vibrant multicultural metropolis.