Physical address: 2 APJ Kalam Road, New Delhi 110011
Telephone: +91 96 5069 9090
Gender: Co-educational
Teaching language: French and English
Curriculum: French
Ages: 2 to 18


Lycée Français International de Delhi is dedicated to providing a high-quality French education in Delhi. Teaching in kindergarten and primary school is bilingual, with teaching in English and French. In secondary school, teaching is entirely in French, though there are French as a Second Language (FSL) programmes to assist non-native French speakers. Students graduate with the French Baccalauréat. 

With the aim of providing a bilingual education, the school offers two extended programmes. Students can elect to take either the Anglophone or European stream in addition to the standard curriculum. This consists of advanced English classes in addition to other English-language classes in areas such as history and geography. Students who successfully complete the European stream receive a Section Européenne mention on their French Baccalauréat. 

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