Affectionately referred to as India's Silicon Valley, Bengaluru has a thriving tech industry that plays an important role in the national economy. Expat job hunters will likely find employment opportunities in Electronic City, Bengaluru's IT hub, though the job market is not limited to this sector or area.

Job market in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is known for its fast-growing IT sector. The city hosts some of IT's most recognisable names, and hundreds of tech start-ups have boomed into existence. Those with skills in programming, software development and systems analysis will find that there are plenty of great opportunities for them in this city. 

Many large global players in the tech sector are based or have offices in Bengaluru, including both foreign-owned and Indian-owned companies, such as Amazon, Samsung, Google and Infosys. The major pull factors are relatively low labour costs and a highly qualified workforce. Though locals usually fill mid- to lower-level positions, expats are often hired in management, quality assurance and translation posts, among others.

Jobs in transport, travel and tourism, as well as hospitality and design, abound in Bengaluru, often in connection with the tech industry. Online opportunities, such as ride-hailing apps, have greatly contributed to marketing these services.

Expats are also known to work in Bengaluru's marketing, banking and call centre sectors. Given the growth of the city in terms of job opportunities and its population, the real-estate and housing sector has also been booming.

Finding a job in Bengaluru

Many expats working in Bengaluru are transferred by their home country employer, but it isn't unheard of for Indian companies to hire promising foreign talent. Bear in mind that the job market is competitive: young graduates are more likely to find part-time or internship positions, while those with more experience can land managerial positions.

Online job portals, such as Placement India, Monster India and Adzuna, are a good starting point, as are company websites which may contain listings of the latest vacancies. Relocation companies and specialist recruitment agencies can also be a great source of information and tips on how to secure a job in Bangalore.

Note that, regardless of their country of origin, expats will need the appropriate Indian visa to work in Bangalore.

Work culture in Bengaluru

On the one hand, Bengaluru boasts technological innovation, is flush with venture capital and abundant in start-ups, all of which seemingly make for a fresh, progressive and exciting business habitat. On the other hand, the work environment is far from progressive. Business culture, especially in start-up firms, has been widely criticised for archaic hierarchies, and other outdated company structures. The focus has been on succeeding as a company, unfortunately, at the expense of morale and employee well being.

Of course, this varies across firms, but expats may need to prepare themselves for the fast pace of work and the pressure of their jobs while trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance.