Situated in Karnataka, one of India’s southwestern states, the cosmopolitan city of Bengaluru offers something for everyone, from its green spaces and outdoor activities to the tech hubs and the buzzing nightlife. Also known as Bangalore, the city boasts pleasant temperatures year-round.

Bengaluru is perhaps most famous for its information technology industry, so much so that it’s received the nickname of India’s Silicon Valley. The area known as Electronic City is the major IT hub, and many expats moving to Bengaluru will find work in this sector. At first glance, the metropolis is a patchwork of bad roads, low-slung buildings and general urban sprawl, but there is much more to it than that. As those who live in Bengaluru know, in the many software industrial parks there is enough microchip, software, computer and brainpower to make the whole city spin out to space.

For those who are less computer savvy or want to unwind from a busy working day, Bengaluru is known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, with cafés, shops, countless entertainment options and a vibey nightlife that present the city as modern as any other. Unfortunately, this bubble contrasts the reality of poverty faced by many living in the surrounding areas, and this can be a major element of culture shock.

Bengaluru is also known as the Garden City, full of parks and green spaces, such as Lalbagh Botanical Garden. This, along with the open-minded people, makes for a welcoming environment for families as well as expats who enjoy the outdoors. That said, road congestion is a nightmare and while there are many transport options, getting around the city isn’t always easy. Heavy traffic is a major cause for frustration and something expats need to be aware of, particularly in their search for accommodation.

Expats who move to Bengaluru must adjust to a new environment and way of living. While there may be many roadblocks, a good quality of life can be experienced. There are excellent healthcare facilities and some established schools where expat children can receive a well-rounded education.

The city can be a hardship posting for some, while for others it presents a real chance for career development and an opportunity to discover an exciting new country. Despite the pros and cons, expats who move to Bengaluru with an open mind can truly enjoy all there is to see and do.