Sydney is Australia’s commercial centre, and therefore lures droves of expats to its shores. Home to some of the country's largest businesses, Sydney is also the city of choice for multinational companies establishing a base in Australia. It follows that many expats choose Sydney over other Australian cities.

Job market in Sydney

Some of Australia's largest companies, and indeed some of the largest companies in the world, are based in and around Sydney. 

Those in financial or insurance services, in particular, will find plenty of opportunities to join one of the lucrative firms in the area. Alternatively, expats looking for work in healthcare, retail or manufacturing sectors will also find large-scale industries which command growing levels of employment.

Finding a job in Sydney

There are a variety of jobs available in Sydney and the city's government is constantly doing its part to stimulate job creation. Expats often have questions about where to find information on available jobs.

The best place to start looking for a job is through the internet. Looking for a job this way has many advantages: it’s free, new listings are put up frequently, and expats can start job hunting even before they arrive in Australia. Job hunters can also filter a search by location, sector, salary and position, which saves a great deal of time and makes the process of job hunting far more efficient.

For those who already know what type of work they want, approaching recruitment agencies can be highly beneficial. There are hundreds of them in Sydney. Expats can find agencies for all types of jobs ranging from office admin and management to hospitality and construction.

Lastly, expats would do well to put their networking skills to work. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are highly valued in Australia. Approaching a company directly and enquiring about roles can be a gateway to opening up opportunities down the line.

Work culture in Sydney

The work environment in Sydney reflects the friendly and casual demeanour that can be found in Australians throughout the country. The atmosphere is informal, with humour and slang being commonplace. Swearing is often part of the office vernacular and not considered offensive. Drinks after work are the norm, and this is a great opportunity to get to know coworkers a bit better.

The hierarchical structure is typically flat with emphasis on the team rather than the individual. Everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions and decisions are taken with group concerns in mind.

A good work-life balance is important to Australians. There is a tendency to start work early and leave work early. While on the clock, Australians are extremely hard workers, but overtime is rare and work gets left at the office once the day is over.