Expat families in Sydney will find there's plenty to keep the little ones entertained. With the fantastic weather and boundless natural beauty of the city, families in Sydney are sure to spend a great deal of time outdoors.

When not at the beach, children often spend time with their families at the local nature reserve or enjoy picnics cooked on one of the many public BBQs. Most suburbs have well-equipped playgrounds every few blocks, so kids have no reason to be cooped up indoors.

For parents who thrive in a city environment but want their kids to have an outdoor upbringing, Sydney can tick all the boxes; its northern and eastern beach suburbs are particularly family friendly.

Out and about with kids in Sydney

With so many places to swim and splash around, swimsuits and towels are sure to be in constant rotation. Although the beach is the star attraction, it’s not the only outdoor entertainment option. Ocean pools are a great place to explore marine wildlife and are a safe place for swimming. There are aquatic centres in most suburbs offering indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as swimming lessons.

To the west of Sydney’s city centre, Sydney Olympic Park has a broad range of activities including a swimming pool with a water playground complete with waterslides.

For a break from the sand and water, there is plenty more to see and do. Outdoor options include Centennial Park and Sydney Park – both have bicycle tracks, playgrounds, and a kiosk or cafe. Skateparks in Sydney are also popular.