Most expats are a bit nervous about moving to a new country and tend to have queries about various aspects of life in their soon-to-be home.
Below are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about moving to Melbourne. 

Where should I live in Melbourne?

This depends entirely on preference and priorities. Some favoured areas are right in the city centre and are popular with students or young professionals. More family-oriented expats may prefer living further out in the suburbs or on the coast.

Is there a lot to do in the city?

With a number of annual events and local attractions, expats in Melbourne should find it fairly easy to keep themselves entertained. For those looking for adventure and hoping to explore, there are a couple of great road trip destinations for weekend getaways.

Will I experience any culture shock?

Despite some similarities to other Western countries such as the US and UK, expats may still get homesick, compounded by the unfamiliar day-to-day idiosyncrasies of Australian life and culture.

Adapting to any new country can be difficult, but luckily there is a big expat community in Melbourne that can help ease the culture shock.

Can I bring my pet to Australia?

Most likely, yes, but bringing a pet to Australia is a complicated process that requires a lot of documentation and planning. Ideally, expats intending to bring a furry friend with them should consult a relocation company for advice to ensure that all the right steps are followed.