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Updated 7 Feb 2017

Become our local expat expert!

Expat Arrivals needs contributors to help make this the ultimate guide for international expats. You may have recently made your move, or might be a serial expat. Either way, our readers will be fascinated to read your observations and thoughts on your new home, your experiences of everyday life, and the differences of living in another culture.

Perhaps you're a ‘following spouse’ and can share your experiences of finding a home, making friends, having children, and searching for the right school?

Or are you a local estate agent who can advise on the best places to live in the city, and the process for renting accommodation?

How can you help?

Expat interviews

Our readers find the expat interviews fascinating to read. Contact us to find out more, or simply complete the following Interview Form and send it back to us.

Contribute to a country or city guide

We publish the most comprehensive range of country and city guides aimed at those planning their move abroad. Please contact us if you have first-hand experience of a destination and would like to help improve our existing guides. Contributors can have their profile included on the page.

Get involved in our Forum

First-hand advice from local expats is invaluable for our readers. Are you able to offer advice to new and prospective expats? Go to, select your destination from the drop-down, and answer their questions!

Submit an article

We welcome the submission of articles on any expat-related topic, as long as they are informative or entertaining, and ideally both. Articles must not be published elsewhere, should be at least 1,000 words in length, and must be accompanied by a good-quality photo. The articles must not be promotional in anyway, but we can include some information at the end on your blog or company, as well as a link. Articles that are accepted will be included in our articles section and will be linked to from relevant pages, and may be included in a monthly newsletter. Please contact us to find out more.

What do you get out of this? is one of the most popular expat websites, and writing for us can be a great way of networking and increasing the exposure of your company or blog. But the majority of our contributors simply want to help the thousands of expats who use our site every day, who hugely appreciate the valuable advice we offer.