Physical address: 44 East 2nd Street, NYC, NY 10003
Telephone: +1 212 600 2010
Gender: Co-educational
Teaching language: English
Curriculum: English National Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum and International Middle Years Curriculum
Ages: 2 to 14

What the school says

“Our 'Be Ambitious' philosophy drives our educational offering. We believe there is no limit to what your child can achieve. We ignite your child's curiosity and tell them to reach for their dreams, to step outside their comfort zones and try something new, and above all, to be ambitious.

“We want your child to learn from the best, which is why we recruit, retain and develop outstanding teachers. Our school also offers enhanced learning through collaborations with world-leading organisations such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Juilliard School.”


“Our curriculum is developed to instil a love of learning. We are the only private school in New York to offer the International Primary Curriculum.

“This curriculum differs from the US and other education systems by providing a highly structured approach for teachers to be able to assess and progress your child's performance on an individual and constant basis, rather than as a class and only over a long period of time.”


Fees for the 2022/2023 school year range from 17,025 USD (2s Part Time) to 47,440 USD (Year 9). There is a registration fee of 2,200 USD as well as a 3,000 USD enrolment deposit which will be credited as part of tuition payment.

From the principal

“Ensuring our pupils maximise their academic attainment is one of our top priorities. We believe that a combination of the highest academic standards and expectations provides a synergy that encourages and enables pupils to achieve excellent academic progress. We achieve this by employing teachers that are not only highly qualified and the very best in their pedagogical field, but also provide the highest quality pastoral care for our pupils. Our high-quality teachers, thematic curriculum and small classes ensure that all pupils benefit from a personalised and engaging learning approach.

“As our aim is to develop well-rounded pupils, we believe it is important to provide a creative co-curriculum that pupils can enjoy and benefit from, including sport, music, dance and much more. Our unique links with the Juilliard School and MIT provide world-class and creative learning opportunities for pupils. School trips and our team of 'artists in residence' provide opportunities for our pupils to apply their learning experiences in a range of exciting contexts!

“Overall, our aim is simple and ambitious, as we want all of our pupils to benefit from the high-quality, well-rounded and personalised education provided by our school! We warmly welcome visitors to our school at any time to visit and experience some of the education magic that our pupils enjoy every day!”

From the parents

“Very well-organised school with excellent teachers, outstanding teacher-student ratios, strong academic program, happy children, and amazingly warm school community.”

“We were attracted to the school because of the international aspects of the education as well as the proximity to our neighbourhood. We are thrilled to have so many friends from so many parts of the world living right in the neighbourhood attending the same school. We love all the teachers.”

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