New York City has plenty of hospitals – some much better than others – but the sheer number ensures expats will certainly be able to find top-notch healthcare in the cosmopolitan centre. In general, large teaching hospitals can be counted on to provide some of the best healthcare in New York City.

Due to the presence of so many facilities, some hospitals and clinics have become heavily specialised, with their areas of expertise ranging from paediatrics to joint disorders. Healthcare institutions are also quite competitive, which has created a standard that ensures patients benefit from more modern facilities and the most up-to-date techniques.

Pharmacies are widely available in New York. They can easily be found in any mall, supermarket or main shopping street. Many pharmacies in New York are open 24/7. 

Private insurance is necessary for the best healthcare in any hospital, and although emergency services will never be legally denied if patients do not have insurance, hefty fees do accompany treatment. Long-term healthcare can be refused to those without proper medical insurance. So we'd recommend that expats moving to New York City get an adequate health insurance policy to allow them access to the right treatment if and when they need it. 

Hospitals in New York City

Lenox Hill Hospital

Address: 100 East 77th Street

New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Address: 630 West 168th Street

Tisch Hospital

Address: 550 First Avenue

The Mount Sinai Hospital

Address: 1 Gustav L. Levy Place