There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move a little easier.

Hendrik is a South African expat who moved to England at a relatively young age and later lived in New York before finally making the move to Denver, Colorado a few years ago. He describes to Expat Arrivals what expat life is like in Denver, shares his favourite spots and things to do in the city,… Read more
In a country as vast as the US, there are seemingly countless cities to choose from for those considering a fresh start in a new environment. To help narrow it down, we've pored over countless quality-of-life rankings for 2021 to find the five best US cities to move to in 2021. In no particular… Read more
Expat books can be indispensable resources when it comes to relocation. Put down the fiction and pick up a guide, memoir or teaching tool that can help you make your time living and working overseas a success. Expat books for parents My Moving Booklet By VALERIE BESANCENEY… Read more
Originally from New York, Edwina recently moved to Portland from Paris, France where she lived for 6 years. She loves forming community around singing, dancing, rolling skating and laughing! Edwina has loved adjusting to a new life in Portland and finds it to be the perfect balance of nature, good… Read more
Peter H. Fogtdal is a novelist, poet, human being, ex-astrologer, Beatles-fan, spiritual airhead, American resident and a Danish citizen. Living between Copenhagen and Portland since 2005, Peter is now based permanently in the 'City of Roses', where he writes full time. His published works are … Read more
Over nine million Americans live abroad. Many assume that because they are no longer US residents or because they file foreign taxes in another country, that they no longer have to file a US tax return. However, this is unfortunately not the case. The US tax system is unusual in that it requires… Read more
How does the IRS go about finding you - an American expatriate - when you have not filed your US income taxes and what are the potentially debilitating results?  Living abroad for most of us is the adventure of a lifetime. We are exposed to so many new experiences and our senses are… Read more
The US is the only developed nation that taxes based on citizenship rather than on residence. This means that all US citizens (and green card holders) who meet minimum income thresholds are required to file a US federal tax return and pay US taxes, wherever in the world they live and earn. They may… Read more
Simona Carini is an Italian-born expat who has been living in Northern California for 25 years. Over the years she has seen many processes and experiences change for expats moving to the US. For example, all her dealings with official services happened before the era of the internet and were done… Read more
Many expats agree that the most overwhelming part of relocating is often figuring out where to actually begin. With the internet so readily available, expats are exposed to so much information and guides which can easily become overwhelming. This is why books like Bloom Where You’re Planted… Read more
Living abroad is an incredible experience – however, it is slightly marred for American expats by the fact that they will still have to file US taxes reporting their worldwide income. This is often in addition to filing foreign taxes in their country of residence, regardless of whether a tax treaty… Read more
Author Claude Koehl’s latest book, ‘The American Way of Life: The Foreigner’s Perspective’, is a must-read for any expat planning a move to the USA. With more than two decades of expat experience behind her, Koehl uses humorous anecdotes of her first-hand experiences to provide readers… Read more
A new year brings a new tax season. A lot has changed for Americans filing US taxes in 2019 though, as it’s the first tax season for tax returns that include the changes made in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, aka the Trump Tax Reform. As all American citizens and green card holders, including… Read more
The US has over 4,000 degree-granting institutions, which opens up an amazing wealth of opportunities for expats moving to the country with children approaching college age. Though the sheer magnitude of options can seem daunting, a bit of research and background knowledge can make it easier to… Read more
Expats moving to the United States will need a Social Security Number (SSN) before formally starting a job. This is used to report one's earnings to the government, and in this way it is similar to the National Insurance (NI) number in the UK. Those residing but not working in the US are generally… Read more
Most American colleges welcome expat students and won't treat them differently for most of the admission process. However, financial aid and visa requirements for international college admissions are two logistical hurdles that expats should consider well in advance. Cost of college in the US… Read more
Expat international students applying to American four-year colleges for bachelor degrees should be aware that the application process differs quite markedly from admission practices elsewhere in the world. Additionally, it will be necessary to shoulder the added logistical burden of obtaining… Read more
British-born Molly moved to Toledo, Ohio, in 2013 to be with her American husband. Her blog, Transatlantic Notes, is a collection of tips, musings about American life, and even recipes. To learn more about life in the USA, read our Expat Arrivals country guide. About Molly Q: Where are you… Read more
Americans living abroad find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to file US taxes, as well as in many cases taxes in the country where they are living.   The US is the only developed nation that taxes based on citizenship, so that all US citizens (and green card holders, as well as… Read more
Karen is a British expat who is currently living in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. Her family moved there over 18 months ago with her husband’s job. She tries to focus on the small positives in their everyday lives which can make life happier for everyone. She also likes to write about the contrasts… Read more
  ~ an excerpt by Julie Musk, author of A Slice of Apple Pie: Your One-Stop Guide to Living in America During the run-up to the move you will probably experience mixed feelings. When we moved to the US, people kept saying, "I bet you’re excited!" In reality though, we were so involved… Read more
Tax season is upon us again, and for Americans living abroad this not only means having to file Form 1040, put potentially other forms too. The US is the only developed nation that taxes based on citizenship rather than on residence, meaning that as a US citizen or green card holder, wherever you… Read more
Our guest writer shares her experience of moving from Japan, where she had two kids, back to her homeland of Malaysia, which was completely new to her children. At age 12, a regular Malaysian girl, I started my moving journey. My first move was to a local host family so I could a… Read more
Moving to another country will mean a lot of work to get things in perfect harmony in your future. There are many reasons why people become expatriates, such as a company promotion or starting a new business abroad. Whatever reasons you may have, you should keep in mind that adapting to a new… Read more
It isn’t often that a book manages to take up residence inside your head, determined not to let you rest until you’ve explored every facet, every angle, every detail. In the days and weeks since finishing Paula Lucas’s Harvesting Stones: An American Woman’s International Journey of Survival… Read more
Increasingly for many, the adventure of packing up an everyday life, moving countries and resettling in an exotic location is becoming a reality due to growing globalization of employment.   International schools, expat real estate and relocation services, language institutes, nationality specific… Read more
Oh, the American Dream of attending a prestigious US college or university: students proudly wearing their campus sweaters, joining fraternities and sports teams, the dorm life and ambitious faces, buried in mountains of books before confidently sailing off into their glowing futures… However, the… Read more
Healthcare in the USA is really a mixed bag. On one hand, the USA represents some of the best medical research facilities in the world and on the other, there are numerous underfunded practices and access is limited, especially for low-income earners.   The standard of healthcare facilities in the… Read more
Anne-Marie, an Australian expat, moved to New Jersey in 2010 with her husband and two kids. Having previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry, Anne-Marie is now turning her hand to writing about her expat adventure in the USA. You can read more about her expat experience on her blog, Expat… Read more
With constant changes and requirements, expatriate taxes can be confusing to say the least. What forms do you file? Who has to file? When do you file? Navigating these crazy waters requires time, energy and lots of knowledge.  There are even forms that must be filed separately from your tax… Read more