Nairobi is one of East Africa's most prominent cities. As Kenya's capital, the city is buzzing with residents who work hard and play hard: progressing in the business world and equally enjoying the active social scene, nightlife and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Expats moving to Nairobi will be excited by the prospects of living in the economic hub of eastern Africa.

The chance to experience a new culture and environment while enjoying a reasonable cost of living has attracted many expats to Nairobi. Families with kids can settle in a spacious home close to some of Nairobi's best international schools. Those with a taste for luxury (and a budget that allows it) can invest in palatial properties in the more exclusive areas and suburbs, such as Muthaiga – the 'Beverly Hills of Nairobi'.

Highly skilled expats and those with managerial positions working in Nairobi will be able to afford all these comforts. Unfortunately, the reality for many locals include massive issues such as the stark inequality and poverty, which in turn raise concerns of safety.

One of the many considerations of expats moving to Nairobi is personal safety. However, much of the crime tends to be opportunistic and housing in gated complexes comes equipped with reliable security systems. We recommend that expats stay wary of the possible dangers and take normal precautions against them.

Transport is another consideration where safety plays a role in Nairobi. Fortunately, expats will find a developing public transport infrastructure and many options for getting around in the city. The more new arrivals begin to explore the city centre, neighbourhoods and surrounding areas, the more they realise how much there is to see and do. From the safaris in Nairobi National Park and the arts and culture in the Nairobi Gallery to a trendy Blankets and Wine event or a fun night out on the town at some top restaurants and lively bars, there's plenty to do here.

There are many pros and cons of moving to Nairobi. Despite the cons, most expats happily agree that they are outweighed by the pros, particularly the wonderful quality of life. The warmth of the people and the climate have many expats falling hopelessly in love with Nairobi and choosing to settle for many years.